Worship Support


Elvet church takes the provision of sound reinforcement seriously. It is our intention as well as an obligation to ensure that everyone can hear what is being said in church especially anyone who has hearing difficulties. We have a loop for hearing aid users in the church, the Hall and the Upstairs Room.

In order to help us maintain this commitment it is very important that organisers of concerts and other activities who may be using the church make sure that their requirements are made clear when the booking is made.

A member of the sound team will be pleased to assist in identifying requirements both for microphones as well as additional equipment such as music players etc.

If any church member would like to join the sound team, they would be very welcome.

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Flowers At Elvet

For many years it has been traditional at Elvet to have flowers adorning services. weddings and funerals. At one time, it was quite usual for the flowers to be displayed simply in brass, ceramic or glass vases. The seasons were celebrated with currently available wild and garden flowers, and very few were bought in for the occasion. Today, flower arranging has become a central part of the church displays and 99% of the flowers used need to be purchased.

Remembering people is part of the Flower tradition. Church members wished to commemorate a particular person or event in their lives on certain dates and a rota of these times became necessary. In previous times, the flowers remained in the church during the week and many could be re-used for the next Sunday. "Say it with Flowers" is a common expression, and as the flower arrangements became more elaborate it was possible to make them into smaller bunches to be distributed to designated people for their condolence, their illness or to just to brighten their lives. This also required a rota and a listing of those in need.

Each week at least three arrangements are needed. We greet everyone in the front porch with a burst of colour and greenery, we remember the sacrifice of the War dead, and we celebrate our Christian commitment with a Chancel display. The preparation of these arrangements depends upon a rota so that the work can be shared. Each year new members of the teams are required to keep the tradition alive. Donors for the cost of the flowers are very important, and distributors after the week end services can be rewarded with the joy that is always expressed by the recipients of the bouquets. Flower arrangers have a more specialised task, but there is always assistance to be had for those who wish to engage in this creative activity, and you can always share in the process with a more experienced arranger. Buying, conditioning, and arranging takes an enormous amount of time, but the end result is a major contribution to the decoration and well-being of the Church. We are so fortunate to have willing volunteers for these tasks and every church member should give thanks and praise for this facility. Easter, Harvest and Christmas require special arrangements and contributions from many sections of the church community, and over the years we have had three magnificent b Festivals of Flowers in the Chirch.

We have progressively increased the number of shrubs in the church grounds, so that now a great variety of green fronds can supplement the arrangements. But, they also increase the amount of maintenance required to keep them manageable and healthy.

Flowers in the Church can provide a focus before the service and celebrate the Glory of God throughout the service. Many of our hymns reflect the world of nature and flowers. One, in particular, 377, enables Professor Watson to sing a word change whenever it is selected.

Come to us creative Spirit
In our Father's house.
Every natural talent foster
Hidden skills arouse.

Poet, painter, music-maker,
All your treasures bring.
Craftsman, actor, flower arranger
Make your offering.

Flower co-ordinator

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Greeters and Readers

Members and friends of Elvet (in addition to the church stewards) frequently assist with church services in a number of ways, especially by:

There are regular rotas for helping in these ways. If you would like to participate, contact the church stewards.

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And after morning service...

coffee cup

as our weekly notice sheet declares... "Coffee is served in the hall after the service. All Welcome"

But this time of informal fellowship is more than just a cup of tea or coffee and even a biscuit or two! It is a time when we catch up with each other and welcome new friends to Elvet. It happens every Sunday morning in the year [although at Christmas time the arrangements may differ]. Most of the congregation come through to enjoy this time of informal networking, buying our Traidcraft produce for the week and finding out about the project fundraisers that are coming up, etc.

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