2017 - 2018 Project: Mi Arca Project Guatemala

The church project from September 2017 to August 2018 is to help Global Care's work in Guatemala.

Elvet Methodist Church supports a different project each year, alternating between local projects, and overseas projects. The charities supported by Elvet in previous years were:


mapMi Arca Project, Guatemala


The Global Care charity, based in Coventry, is working with Mi Arca – a charity working with children living at high risk on the streets and in the slums of Guatemala City.

Mi Arca have developed a mentoring programme for street children which brings trained volunteer mentors alongside individual children and young people on the streets, supporting them to make better life choices and to enter, or re-enter, education. A drop-in centre gives street children access to a safe space during the day. There is, however, concern about some of the children who are living in extremely damaging, abusive environments. It has been heart-breaking to hear children and young people disclose horrific stories of neglect, rape and abuse and yet see them walk back into danger, as staff have no place to keep children safe at night. Although Mi Arca is working closely with Guatemala’s local authorities, the overwhelmed social services are unable to cope with the numbers of children living at risk. Mi Arca are hoping to plug this gap, and have secured a large building within Guatemala City which is to be used as a short-term refuge for the most vulnerable of the children in the mentoring programme, providing a safe haven for those most at risk.

Mi Arca are also hoping to significantly increase numbers on the mentoring programme, by training new volunteer mentors, who make a weekly commitment to visiting a child for a minimum of two years. They are currently in contact with over 250 street children every week, with 35 benefiting from the mentoring programme. They would like to increase this number by a further 25 children.

Global Care supports the children being mentored by bringing them onto the child sponsorship programme.

Our Project activities aim to help to furnish the ‘safe house’ and fund the training of volunteer mentors who are supporting these vulnerable street children.

In January/February 2018 a group of people from Elvet will be visiting Guatemala so that first-hand knowledge of the Project can be gathered and information reported back to the Church members.

Please see the events page for forthcoming events. child

For more information, see John Scott (Project Co-ordinator & Global Care Trustee)



We also support charities with a retiring collection after our communion services.

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