2009 - 2010 Project: The Kwagala Trust

Elvet Methodist Church supports a different project each year, alternating between local projects, and overseas projects.

In 2010 - 2011 we supported the Kwagala Trust. Projects supported in other years are:

The Kwagala Trust

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The Kwagala Trust was Elvet’s chosen project for 2009-10. We collected and sent to them just over £23,350.

The background is as follows: In 2006, Joyce Shaw, a former music teacher in the Consett area (and known to many people at Elvet) felt challenged after retirement to offer her services as a teacher with the African Children’s Choir. After touring the U.S.A. and the U.K. with the choir, she returned to Uganda and was concerned to see the many vulnerable children there. The absence of a welfare system and the abject poverty, exacerbated by the war in the north of the country, causes much hardship and suffering. The experience so moved Joyce that she felt called on by God to help some of the orphans, particularly the babies. She has been single-mindedly pursuing this aim ever since.


In 2008, the Kwagala Trust was established (with the cooperation of local Ugandan Christians) with the intention of arranging family units of children (mostly orphans) with house parents, maintaining Ugandan culture whilst nurturing the children in every way (including encouraging Christian values). The first family group has been formed (with 6 children) and the Trust is looking to buy land and build the family home – at present the family is in rented accommodation. With our help, this vision will be achieved and will lay the groundwork for further family groups.

Project Kwagala was launched at Elvet on Sunday 13th September with a lunch followed by a presentation, by Joyce, on the plans and developments.
Many fundraising events are planned for the year and these will be advertised in various ways, including on the Elvet web site.

Anyone wishing to participate in these events or to contribute in any way should contact the coordinator, Chris Harder on 0191-3845645.

We support a different project each year.  We alternate between local projects, and overseas projects. In 2008/2009 we supported Beverley School (a Specialist school for children and young people with autism) and the year before street children in Cambodia, supporting work done by Global Care.

We also support charities with a retiring collection after our communion services.

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