2008 - 2009 Project: Beverley School

Elvet Methodist Church supports a different project each year, alternating between local projects, and overseas projects.

In 2009 - 2010 we supported Beverley School. Projects supported in other years are:

Unlock Autism – creating fun and enriching opportunities for young people.

bererley school

Beverley School is a Specialist school for children and young people with autism aged 3-19.

“At Beverley school we see ourselves as always stretching the boundaries and seeking innovative ways of working with pupils. We strive to provide the same opportunities for our pupils out of school that many of us take for granted, such as being a member of a sports club, or being a Girl Guide or scout.

By providing these after school clubs with staff who have knowledge of pupils, who are skilled at dealing with challenging behaviour and in an autism specific environment, we help to unlock creativity, raise self esteem and improve pupil confidence. We also help pupils to try to further develop skills in a variety of subjects.

Elvet will be able to help the school run after school clubs which will give the children more opportunities to learn and have fun and give the carers/parents much needed respite.   The school would aim to run two clubs per term outside school hours during the academic year 2009/10. Each club will run for 6 weeks with up to 15 pupils attending each club.

The approximate cost to run a 6 week project (1 night per week) is £1500.  This money would help the school employ expert professional sporting coaches and artists to work alongside the pupils.

It would include paying experienced staff to help support pupils during the after school projects (on average 1 adult to every 3 pupils), and provide transport home.

It would include employing expert professional sporting coaches and artists to work alongside the pupils.

Clubs range from multi skills sporting club;  Art Club; Drama Club; Football Club; Sailing Club; Athletics;   and social evenings - e.g. trips to bowling, swimming, cinema. 

What is Autism?

Autism is a life-long developmental disability, which effects social and communication skills. There are approx 1/2 million people in UK with autism.

Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning it affects individuals to varying degrees and presents in many different ways.

A person with autism may have difficulty in making friends; not being able to understand cooperation, sharing or taking turns.

They may also have difficulty with understanding the world around them. For people with autism, verbal and non verbal communication will often be difficult to understand.

An individual may have associated learning difficulties and may display challenging behaviours. Individuals with autism respond best to structure and routine.

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