Working Groups

Growth and Mission Committee

The Growth and Mission committee (previously know as the CCM), meets throughout the year to discuss matters relating to all areas of the life of the church; both the church community itself and the wider community of Durham.

The aim of the committee is to ensure that the message of God's love reaches as many people as possible, by whatever means. This includes the annual church project, the distributing of Easter and Christmas cards with the local church service times. The CCM also has the remit for the organising of events in the church, and is a place of discussion for life within the church.

The committee is made up of representatives from all areas of the church, and everyone is more than welcome to express their views and opinions on the life of Elvet, in a relaxed, informal and friendly environment.

Please feel free to join us.

Pastoral Committee

It has long been the tradition of the Methodist Church that within each local church the members offer pastoral care to one another. To do this effectively, each church appoints Pastoral Visitors, each of whom has a list of people associated with the church, for whom he or she is particularly responsible.

The Pastoral Visitors meet with the Minister once or twice a year in the Pastoral Committee to confer together on matters of mutual concern.

Elvet’s Pastoral Visitors, as well as taking care of those on their lists, also make sure that they receive the quarterly newsletter, the Link .

For further information, contact the Minister.

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Cradle Roll Team

When a child is baptised at Elvet,  a member of the Elvet Cradle Roll Team joins the parents and family at the rehearsal prior to the baptism and also during the baptismal service.  The Cradle Roll representative acts as a link between the family and the church during the first three years of the child’s life;  then the child will be invited to join the Junior Church.

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Elvet Church Property Committee


The property committee takes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church buildings and grounds. The committee meets three times a year and has a duty to report to the church council.

Any major or specialist jobs that may be required are let out to private contractors, the contracts generally being administered and supervised by members of the property committee unless the scale of the works is such that the services of an architect are necessary. The premises are professionally inspected every five years and any recommended repair is organized by the committee.

Routine maintenance is carried out ’in house’ by a team of volunteer church members who meet on most Tuesday mornings. A large variety of jobs are undertaken by this group ranging from decoration to minor building, joinery and electrical repairs plus gardening.

The committee also oversees the booking of church premises by both internal and outside users. One property steward is responsible for this while the diary of bookings is kept by the church caretaker

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Elvet Finances

It is the responsibility of the Church Treasurer to administer the day-to-day financial affairs of the church and, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, to oversee the proper stewardship of its financial resources.

Like the majority of Methodist churches, Elvet relies firstly and foremost on the regular, committed giving of congregational members for its financial support and upkeep; Much of this is increased by Gift Aid.  Around 70% of our income arises in this way, while the remainder comes from other sources, including individual donations and the use of the church facilities by various external bodies and organisations.

The largest part of our expenditure, approximately two-thirds of the total, is accounted for by our contribution to the circuit assessment, which covers the ministerial costs and related expenses of the churches, including Elvet, that comprise the Durham and Deerness Valley Methodist Circuit. Other significant areas include the running and upkeep of our church property, the more general operating expenses associated with the life and outreach of Elvet and support for the mission and work of Methodism at the national and international level.

Elvet’s annual fundraising project has in past years raised sums in excess £20,000 for a UK or overseas charitable cause. The project is administered separately from our other financial affairs.

Inquiries or issues relating to financial matters may be addressed to the Church Treasurer.

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