Running our church

The aims of Elvet Church, and the organisation we have to meet them are given on a separate page.

General Church Meeting

The General Church Meeting is held annually, normally in April; details will be shown in advance on the calendar.

All members and friends of the church are warmly invited to attend, though only church members are eligible to vote in elections.

Each year the meeting designates a Project for the following year, Church Stewards are elected for the coming year and up to 15 representatives are elected to the Church Council.

The Church Council


In common with all Methodist Churches, Elvet’s Church Council has authority and oversight over the whole area of the ministry of the church, including the management of its property. In practice, most of this responsibility is devolved onto other committees with authority to initiate action and co-ordinate the work done in the church in their own areas of authority. They have the responsibility to report to and advise the Church Council and are subject to its authority and oversight.

Elvet’s Church Council usually meets four times per year, in January, March, June and October – though extra meetings can be arranged if situations calling for quick decisions arise.

The membership of the Church Council currently is:

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Church Stewards

Penny Bissell

Penny Bissell (senior steward)

The steward's main functions are to ensure the smooth running of the church and to support the ministers. They keep in touch with the congregation, hearing their thoughts on services, events and procedures, and passing on ideas and anxieties to the appropriate quarters. They often hear about pastoral concerns and then link up with pastoral visitors or one of the ministers.

Two stewards are on duty at each service; they welcome visiting preachers, ensuring that they, and all participants in the service, have all the information they need. Before the service one steward says a prayer with the preacher in the vestry, in preparation for the service, and the other steward keeps an eye on any church duties that need to be filled.  There are greeters at both the evening and morning services who  welcome the congregation and any visitors.

Stewards are represented on all other committees, so that there is good communication between different groups and they also encourage groups in special events, such as ecumenical services, social events or fund-raising for the Elvet annual project.

The present Stewards are:
Senior steward:  Penny Bissell, usually working with Jackie Fielding,
Christine Higham and Val Harder
Trevor and Clare Coburn
Paul Harrison and Dot and Ken Slater are reserves

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Communion Stewards

There are also six communion stewards at Elvet; they serve for three years

Elvet Church normally holds three Communion Services each month:

At the end of each Communion service a retiring collection is always taken for various charity organisations. These collections are made over a monthly period. The retiring collections go to the charities specified on the "charities we support" page.

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