Child Protection

Elvet Methodist Church will make every endeavour to safeguard the welfare of
children who are involved in church based activities and will conform with the Home
Office Code of Practice "Safe from Harm" and the "Safeguarding" Policy of The
Methodist Church published in April 2003. Unless otherwise stated, the term children
relates to all those under the age of 18.

Elvet church has the following policy:

The people of Elvet Methodist Church are concerned with the wholeness and well-being of each individual within God’s purpose for our world. 
We strive to safeguard all members of the church community whatever their age. 
We acknowledge each one of us is responsible for the prevention of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of children and young people and ensuring that opportunities for such abuse to occur are minimised.
All groups who use our premises will be required to confirm their agreement with this policy.


Elvet Methodist Church will plan its work so as to minimise situations where the abuse of children may occur.
In order to achieve this the following procedures will be adhered to;
-  As far as possible an adult will not be left alone with a child or young person where there is no likelihood of the activity being observed by others.
-  All workers with children and young people, Pastoral Visitors and others will not meet a child or young person off church premises without a parent or other adult being present.
-  At least two adults will be present with any group, particularly when it is the only activity taking place on church premises.
-  Where children and young people have to be transported by car or minibus there should be more than one passenger in the vehicle. Where this is not possible a single passenger should sit in the rear seat.
-  Adults should not work with an unknown group of children, or an individual child, unless someone is within calling distance.


The following information can be of use.    (It is prominently displayed on church notice boards.)
-  NSPCC Child Protection helpline - Fax 020 7 825 2763

-  Child Line 0800 1111; Tel: 071 239 1000 Fax: 071 239 1001
-  Local Children’s Services Child Protection Team
      Emergency Tel: 01740 657796; Office hours - 0191 383 1010
-  Police – 0191 386 4222
-  CAS website

The full version of Elvet's safeguarding policy can be downloaded here.

You can also download a CAS verification form

Further information can be downloaded on the Methodist Church's policy on Vetting and Barring, and the latest briefing on CRB checks.

The current Safeguarding Officer appointed by the Church Council is:

John Scott
10 Lyndhurst Drive
Crossgate Moor
Dh3 4AE

Tel       home: 0191 384 6022
            work:  0191 200 5001